About our company

Founded in 1971, our company follows its customers for 50 years. Specialized initially in the field of abrasive, micro burrs and polishing products, our company has developed an expertise in other fields of activites. Working with customers throughout Europe and around the world, BIPOL is renowned for its quality of service, products durability and customer advice.

How we started

Established in 1971, Bipol began its activity in the sector of polishing and finishing products for the anodising, surface treatment industry. In order to meet the growing needs of its customers, BIPOL adds new product ranges to its offering: micro finishing tools, finishing equipment, micro burrs and technical endoscopes.

Our development

BIPOL is one of the first French companies to distribute industrial video endoscopes and is developing an increasingly important range of products. Bipol develops its own range of modular videoscopes with interchangeable probes "Bscope".

Now and further

Bipol launched its P1 videoscope, the lastest evolution of the Bscope range of modular videoscopes ...

At your service since 1971 | Quality, Service, Expertise

At Bipol, the quality of products is fundamental. We offer our customers robust, easy-to-use products.
Our long experience in technical endoscopy allows us to advise you in the best choice of your equipment. Our professionalism and our expertise make Bipol a trustworthy company that guarantees you quality products, compliant with French, European and international regulations, to allow you to optimize your performance and work in the best conditions.

A complete follow up
of your project


Our products are all guaranteed from 1 to 2 years. In case of breakdown, lack of construction or breakage, we offer a repair service on estimate. Contact us to get a return number.


We always keep a large stock of products to deliver to you as soon as possible. Our ranges of technical endoscopes and videoscopes are usually available within 8-15 days.


Our company is present internationally thanks to our distribution partners. We sell our products to customers all over the world, in Europe, the Middle East, Asia ...