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PRO B videoscope

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PRO B videoscope

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5.0'' HD screen | Interchangeable probes | Strong fiber illumination

The BIPOL PRO B videoscope is a light (0.6kg/1.32lb), compact fully portable system made of a high resolution 720P CMOS camera mounted on an articulated probe with 4-way articulation. This videoscope has a large 5.0'' high resolution color screen ideal for visualizing the smallest details of your inspection. Powerful fiber optic illumination improves the quality of images and videos, providing optimal working comfort.

Versatile and customizable, the videoscope has interchangeable probes that can be exchanged in just a few seconds. This allows you to choose the features that best suit your needs and to use a single videoscope for multiple inspections, avoiding clutter when traveling.

  • Available diameters: 1.2 - 1.8 - 2.8 - 3.9 - & 6.0mm.
  • 2 directions of vision available for all probes: 0° or 90°
  • A 0° and 90° dual vision probe is available in 6.0mm to inspect straight ahead and to the sides.
  • Working lengths allow inspections up to 8m (Ø 6.0mm) 
    in articulated version and inspections up to 30m in non articulated version. 

Images and videos can be easily recorded with a button on the handle of the videoscope. A 32 GB Micro SD card can record 32,000 images or 500 hours of video. An HDMI output allows you to connect the videoscope to an external monitor for full screen viewing of live images. The removable rechargeable battery provides 4 hours of autonomy.

  • Complete interface: Measurement rulers - 5x digital zoom - 360° Image rotation – Freezing.

This model is available in white illumination adjustable on 8 levels (fibers or LEDs), an Infrared version is available in diameters 3.9 & 6.0mm and an Ultraviolet version is available on request depending on the desired use.

Main features

  • 5.0’’ anti reflective LCD screen 
  • Interchangeable probes 
  • Strong optical fiber illumination 
  • 360° all-around articulation 
  • Li-Ion rechargeable and removable battery  
  • Bend protection 
  • Lightweight videoscope (0.6kg/1.32lb)
PRO B videoscope , un produit Premium par Bipol - Instruments et Outils de précision

Quick probe change

Our probes are all interchangeable. You can quickly switch from one diameter, length, or direction of vision to another according to your needs. This allows you to save time and use only one device for multiple inspections.

Large 5.0'' high-resolution screen

Get optimal working comfort thanks to the large 5.0’’ high resolution screen. Inspect screen content effortlessly with a beautiful, clear and sharp image, allowing you to quickly spot fine details.

Multiple Illumination choices

3 different types of illumination are available: White, UV and IR to meet all your needs. White lighting is adjustable on 8 levels. IR (940 nm) allows you to inspect a dark area without being seen, to remain discreet. The UV (365 nm) highlights an illuminated area to detect the smallest defects

Customizable videoscope

This videoscope is customizable: choose the length and diameter of the probe, the field of view and so on. You can adapt the videoscope to all your needs and inspections to be carried out, a real time saver! 

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Technical Data

  • Screen Size

    5.0" anti reflective screen

  • Camera diameter

    1.2 - 1.8 - 2.8 - 3.9 & 6.0mm

  • Working length

    0.5 to 8 meters (or 30m in non articulated version)

  • Articulation

    360° (except 1.2mm non articulable)

  • Camera resolution

    40.000px (1.2mm) to 720P

  • Field of view


  • Focussing range 1.2 & 2.8 mm

    3 - 70mm

  • Focussing range 3.9 mm

    8 - 150mm

  • Focussing range 6.0 mm

    12 - 200mm

  • Illumination

    Optical fibers or White LEDs

  • Sheathing

    Tungsten braid 4 layers

  • Protection rate

    Host : IP54 - Probe : IP 67 (water & oil)

  • Interface

    Digital zoom x5 - Freezing - Image rotation - Video playack - Analog ruler function

  • Power supply

    110-220 Va EU plug - US & GB adapters available

  • Battery

    Removable and rechargeable LI-ion battery

  • Battery runtime

    4 hours

  • Connections

    HDMI video output, Micro USB

  • Image & Video recording

    Micro SD card 32 GB

  • Still Image resolution

    640x480 JPEG to 960x720 JPEG

  • Video resolution

    640x480 AVI to 960x720 AVI

  • Working temperatures

    -10°C to + 60°C

  • Videoscope dimensions


  • Net Weight (without probe)

    0.6 kg

  • Warranty

    1 year

What we deliver

  • 1 PRO B videoscope 
  • 1 Power supply 
  • 1 USB cable 
  • 1 HDMI Cable 
  • 1 SD card 32GB 
  • 1 SD card Reader 
  • 1 Cleaning kit 
  • 1 User manual 
  • 1 Carrying case