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Pro C Videoscope Wifi Kit

 | Bipol - Instruments et Outils de précision
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Pro C Videoscope Wifi Kit

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Complete work set | Wifi & BIPOL App | Customizable product

In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our company, we have decided to combine our expertise, our knowledge and your recommendations to develop our new exclusive product: the Pro C WIFI KIT, ideal for a remote team work.
The PRO C Wifi Kit is a complete, ready-to-use work set, which includes the standard Pro C HD components as well as the following:
  •  A reinforced carrying case 46x59x22cm. More resistant and robust than of the standard set, this waterproof model is essential to transport your equipment easily and to protect it effectively against moisture or shocks that could be incurred during transport. The case is equipped with an ingenious storage method with a preformed foam that allows to insert all the elements of the kit. Durable and guaranteed for life, our suitcases can be used in many fields of activity such as industry, aeronautics, energy, law enforcement, ...
  • A Samsung 8.0’’ tablet with pre-installed Bipol App. This model has been specially selected by our teams for its compatibility with our application, its performance (32GB storage capacity) and its image quality (HD 720P). The perfect mix between smartphone and computer, this slim and lightweight 8’ screen tablet lets you view your inspections, photos and videos on a larger screen for more comfort.
  • A spare battery and its charger. Two essential accessories to anticipate battery failure and to take full advantage of your videoscope wherever you are, very useful when travelling. The battery life is 4 hours.
  • A rigid shockproof case and a tempered glass screen portector. These accessories are essential to protect your tablet from accidental falls, shocks, and scratches. The case has an adjustable strap that allows you to hold the tablet with one hand as well as a rigid support to put the tablet on a table when viewing photos or videos. The durability of the material is guaranteed!
  • A magnet attached to the case allowing you to fix the tablet to metal supports. This allows you to have your hands free to be more precise and comfortable during an inspection.
- The BIPOL PRO C HD videoscope is a compact fully portable system completely autonomous and modular. You can customize it according to the inspections to be carried out. There are 2 versions  of this product: an articulable one and a non-articulable one. 5 diameters are available: Ø 2.0 - 2.8 - 3.9 - 4.8 & 6.0mm. There are 2 possible directions of vision : 0°and 90°. Working lengths allow inpections up to 10 meters with fixed 90° lens.

Our videos

BIPOL Wifi application
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Wifi Kit Unboxing
Image du produit Pro C Videoscope Wifi Kit
PROC HD Features
Image du produit Pro C Videoscope Wifi Kit


  • Complete & ready-to-use work set 
  • Uses local Wifi network. No internet connection required
  • Visualize live images on 8" touch screen tablet
  • ​Conference mode for multiple viewers
  • Direct download of images & videos to tablet or smartphone
  • ​Night mode for descreet backlight mode.
Pro C Videoscope Wifi Kit, un produit Premium par Bipol - Instruments et Outils de précision

Bipol App

Exclusively developed to meet your inspection needs, this app has 3 main modes: an inspection mode - a conference mode and an access to the videoscope's SD card. The app is pre-installed on your tablet for simplicity.

Inspection Mode

Connected to the videoscope, the inspection mode allows you to view the current inspection on a larger screen (8.0'') and take photos and videos. The tablet can be fixed to a metallic holder to simplify the handling of the videoscope.

Conference mode

Share a live inspection with your colleagues. They can follow the inspection over a distance of about 10 meters and take photos or videos. Conference mode allows you to work as a team despite the current sanitary conditions. 

Photos and videos recording

Access to the videoscope's SD card directly from the app allows you to download photos and videos in your tablet. This allows you to view them whenever you want on a larger screen. You can annotate them if necessary. 

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Technical Data

  • Screen Size

    3.5" anti reflective for daylight use

  • Camera diameter

    2.0 - 2.8 - 3.9 - 4.8 & 6.0mm

  • Working length

    1 to 10 meters

  • Articulation

    With or without

  • Camera resolution

    200.000 to 1.000.000 px

  • Field of view

    90° and 120° (depending on diameter)

  • Focussing range 2.0-2.8 mm 0°

    2-50 mm

  • Focussing range 3.9-4.8-6.0 mm 0°

    10-100 mm

  • Focussing range 2.8 mm 90°

    5 - 50mm

  • Focussing range 3.9 mm 90°

    5 - 100mm

  • Focussing range 6.0 mm 90°

    10 - 100mm

  • Illumination

    White LEDs

  • Sheathing

    Tungsten braid 4 layers

  • Tip

    Titanium alloy & sapphire glass

  • Protection rate

    Host : IP57 - Probe : IP 67 (0° Probes)

  • Interface

    4X digital zoom - Ruler - Image rotation 360° - Image preview

  • Power supply

    110-220 Va with EU Plug

  • Battery

    Removable Li-ion

  • Battery runtime

    Up to 4 hours*

  • Wifi

    Yes - with 8'' screen Samsung tablet 32GB

  • Connections

    Video out, mini USB, HDMI

  • Image & Video recording

    SD card 32 GB

  • Still Image resolution

    JPEG 640x480 / up to 1280x720

  • Video resolution

    MP4 640x480 / up to 1280x720

  • Working temperatures

    -10°C to + 60°C

  • Case Dimensions


  • Gross Weight

    6.5 kg with carrying case

  • Warranty

    Limited 1 year

Kit content

  • 1 PRO C HD videoscope + magnetic base 
  • 1 Samsung 8” tablet with hard protecting cover
  • 1 Power supply 
  • 1 Spare battery 
  • 1 Battery charger 
  • 1 USB cable 
  • 1 HDMI Cable 
  • 1 SD card 32GB 
  • 1 SD card Reader 
  • 1 User manual 
  • 1 Cleaning kit 
  • 1 Carrying case

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