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3 Advantages of Bipol Wi-Fi App

Bipol Camera App is a secured solution in order to respond to a rapidly changing environment. The application is developed to provide to each user the following advantages:

No need for internet connection.

The application is developed to connect directly the device of the user (tablet, smartphone) to the videoscope that contains a Wi-Fi module. The connection stays local, secured, and cannot be accessed by anyone unless the user has access to the password.
This is essentially useful for inspection areas where internet connection is not available.

Keep distance during the inspection.

The application allows several users to be connected simultaneously (max 8-10 persons). This advantage is especially useful during the period of Covid-19 due to the new sanitary protocols. In other words, the inspector can be on the field of inspection, whereas the rest of the team can participate each one with his personal device from a distance of 20-25 meters max. For example, any technician can perform an inspection whereas the rest of the team can keep a safe distance while participating in the process.

Rapid data sharing.

The application enables the user to record videos and take pictures that can be saved directly to the videoscope’s SD card. There is no need to remove the SD card from the videoscope to view and share images. The user can download on his device (tablet, smartphone) the recorded files and share it with the rest of the team. This data can be easily archived for further analysis and reporting. In case of accidental damage of the videoscope, the data recorded remains registered on the SD card, hence there is no loss of valuable information for the user.
Bipol Camera App

Bipol Camera App

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