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Articulating videoscope for Diesel engine Inspection

BIPOL's line of articulated videoscope provides great help to maintenance personnel in routine inspection for diesel engines, power generators or marine engines.
Avoiding heavy and time consuming dismounting of cylinder blocks, our videoscope inspection kits allow quick and reliable inspection of cylinder liner wall for scratches, check carbon deposits on pistons or valves and check for cooling water leaks on exhaust valve seats and injector bushes. Reduce intervention time and cost.

P1 videoscope and accessories in case

P1 VIdeoscope Kit

Developed in collaboration with a company specialized in the maintenance of diesel engines, the P1 videoscope kit is a ready to use and complete inspection supplied with all accessories requested to conduct routine inspection of diesel engines in good conditions.
It is delivered with a 4-way articulated probe diameter 6.0mm with 180° bending angle in all directions to offer clear view of combustion chamber and valves. Extra illumination has been added to illuminate dark areas in cylinders.
We also include in the kit an articulated arm that allows user to freely use the articulating probe while viewing images on the large screen.
The set is supplied in a waterproof heavy duty carrying case with trolley for easy onsite inspection.

Cracks in combustion chamber

Engine valve broken


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