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Industrial Articulating Micro Videoscope PRO V-24

Our ProV-24 micro videoscope is a compact fully portable system made of a high resolution CMOS camera mounted on an articulated probe with 2-way articulation controlled by a motorized joystick. The high-resolution camera gives you an excellent image quality which is essential to observe hard-to-reach areas.

The video probe is waterproof IP65 and is constructed in stainless steel sheathing that allows you to go to the most difficult places without the risk of damaging the probe.

The 1 hand control panel allows you a more pleasant and easier work. A locking lever helps you to perform accurate inspections of the areas observed.



This micro videoscope is available in very small diameters of 2.4mm and 2.8mm  with a working length of 1m. These small working diameters are perfect for clear and precise inspections of narrow and hard-to-reach spaces in order to observe any type of defects. Its use is recommended for industry, aeronautics, building industry, automotive, aviation, energy or the pharmaceutical industry.



This micro videoscope is very useful for limited access inspections because of a very narrow opening: small hole, lock, …

This device is ideal for connector inspections, small diameter heat exchangers, foundry parts (housings, armatures, collectors, blades), motors, turbines, parts with small cavities or aeronautical looking for impacts or cracks.

This micro videoscope is also recommended for prototype inspections in Research and Development in the industrial and pharmaceutical sectors.


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