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Industrial videoscopes with interchangeable probes - P1 & RUGGED

P1 & Rugged videoscopes allow you to meet all your needs for remote visual inspection. Indeed, they have the advantage of being compatible with a very wide choice of interchangeable video probes.
This system of interchangeable probes offers you great versatility. In case of breakage, you only have to change the probe, which considerably reduces the costs of repair and maintenance of the device.

Videoscope Probes

Probes are available in several diameters and working lengths up to 30 meters: rigid probes, flexible and semi-rigid probes, articulated probes 2-way and 4-way, dual view probes, short tip probes, HR probes, waterproof probes, high voltage or pole cameras.
These probes are available in 2 focal lengths: a short focussing for close inspections in small spaces and a long focussing length for wider and distant inspections of larger spaces.

We invite you to visit our P1 & Rugged range for more details on the probes.

Non-articulating probe with a diameter of 3.9mm to 28mm. Working length up to 30m

Articulating probe 2-way or 4-way diameters 2.8mm to 8mm. Working length up to 3m

Presentation and change of probes

Quick and easy probes change


This wide choice of probes allows you to carry out any inspection in sectors as varied as power generation, infrastructure, nuclear, industrial process, quality control, automotive, aviation, security forces or industry rail.


These devices are used for many applications: gearbox inspections, valve control, pistons, combustion chambers, transformers, engine parts, heat exchangers, industrial pipes, welds, ducts looking for small defects, cracks, debris, traces of rust, corrosion or signs of wear.
They can also detect contraband, drugs or weapons, perform safe inspections to read combinations or perform night vision inspections.

P1 videoscope

This P1 videoscope is a high resolution lightweight portable video unit.  It is a versatile tool because of its interchangeable probe system, very useful for hard-to-reach areas. It has the advantage of being robust and waterproof, which allows it to withstand falls and be used in a humid and harsh environment.
Its large 7 "screen gives you a clear and precise view of the area you are in. It can be used by left-handed or right-handed users. A virtual keyboard allows you to annotate text on photos or videos to provide inspection reports.
A wireless handle is available in option to work at a distance up to 30 meters.

Rugged videoscope

This Rugged videoscope is a lightweight portable video system. Just like the P1, the videoscope Rugged is robust and waterproof which allows it to be used by a large number of sectors. Its 1 hand control panel allows you to work more freely, with a free hand to direct the probe or to perform any other tasks ...
Its 3.5" screen gives you a clear view of the area being viewed and includes a mirror image function for more precise control during inspections.