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Pro C videoscope Wifi Kit presentation

Bipol celebrating its 50 years anniversary has developed a special kit suitable for any remote teamwork.

The kit consists of the follwing:

  • reinforced waterproof carrying case (46x59x22cm). More resistant and robust, this model has been especially designed to transport your equipment easily and to protect it effectively against moisture or shocks. Durable and guaranteed for life, it is equipped with a preformed foam that allows to insert all the elements of the kit.
  • Bipol PRO C HD videoscope customized according to your inspection needs. Articulated or non-articulated along with 5 different diameter options (Ø 2.0 - 2.8 - 3.9 - 4.8 & 6.0mm).  Possibility of 2 different vision directions (0°and 90°). Working length allows inspections up to 10m with fixed 90° lens.
  • Samsung tablet 8.0’’ with pre-installed new Bipol App. This model has been especially selected by our team for its compatibility with the new application. Its storage capacity is 32GB. The image quality is HD 720P, giving a high-resolution image feedback during the inspection. Slim and light in order to carry easily around during the inspection process.
  • rigid shockproof case and a tempered glass screen protector are included in the package, so as to protect your tablet from accidental falls.
  • spare battery and its charger give the user the opportunity of long-lasting inspections. The battery life can last up to 4 hours.
  • magnet attached to the case can make the inspection easier for the user, just by fixing the tablet on a metal surface.

Overall, a sophisticated solution included in a kit aiming to simplify your inspection needs along with upgrading your daily tasks.
Video kit presentation

Video kit presentation

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