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Video inspection and renewable energy

Renewable energy is energy collected from natural resources, such as sun, wind, rain, waves, geothermal heat.
Based on REN21’s 2017 report, renewable energy reached 19.3% of human’s global energy consumption.
As a rapidly growing market, globally there is an estimate of 7.7 million jobs related to the renewable energy industries. Countries such as USA and China make big investments in these sources of energy.
For the coming decade national renewable energy markets tend to continue growing steadily. Many nations in the North of Europe plan to power their electrical needs by using 100% renewable energy.

Wind Engery

Taking the example of wind energy, many new wind farms continue to be built around all countries.
Wind energy turns a turbine’s blades, which feeds an electric generator and produces electricity.
Each wind turbine needs to be thoroughly inspected and maintained so as to work properly. The gear box of a wind turbine is the most critical part of the inspection. Failure to maintenance will cost to productivity and increase operational costs.

Video inspection

These inspections require an optical devise, called video endoscope.
Taking into consideration the circumstances of such an inspection, a borescope can easily access areas that technicians are unable to see directly. The 360° range of the probe in combination with the high quality resolution can enable the user  to make an accurate inspection on a highly complex environment. 

For inspecting gear boxes of windmill, we recommend our PRO-V motorized articulating videoscope.