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Videoscope - definition and uses

Videoscopes or video borescopes are remote inspection devices made to conduct non invasive visual inspection of hard to reach areas. They are widely used in many sectors of the industry for a large variety of jobs.

Composition of a videoscope

Videoscopes are made of a controller unit, a LCD screen (usually 3.5 - 5.0 and 7.0" diagonal) and a inspection probe.The flexible probe includes a tiny camera (so called CMOS sensor) at its tip with integrated small LEDs to provide illumination of the inspected area.
Working diameter range from 2.4 mm to 28 mm and working lengths can reach 30 to 40 meters. Accessories such as Mirror tips, benchtop holders or semi rigd guides allow to perform many different type of inspections.

2-way and 4-Way articulation of video probe


Bipol videoscopes feature a non articulating or an articulating probe depending on the purpose of the inspection. Articualtion can be either 2-way - that is in 2 directions - or 4-way - that is in 4 directions. Videoscopes with articulation are used to inspect curved pipes or to conduct 360° panoramic inspection of hidden areas such as cages, cylinders, turbines...
The video probes are IP 67 and can be used in Oil, jetfuel or water. Some videoscopes are non conductive and allow search for IED by bomb squads. Illumination is provided by either white LEDs or Infrared LEDs for covert inspection of dark areas.


Videoscopes can be used in many different sectors such as: 
  • Oil and gaz routine maintenance
  • Diesel engines
  • Security forces
  • Power generation
  • Transportation
  • Industry
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceutical industry
P1 modular videoscope

P1 modular videoscope


Today's industrial videoscopes are made light to perform inspection of hard to reach areas in confined spaces such as wind turbines, building structure inspection or on site diesel generator maintenance for example. The ergonomic design of our latest joystick controlled videoscope such as the PROG+ or the PRO HD allow 1 hand control of the articulated probe for precise positioning and visualization of the target area.
Our P1 modular videoscope accepts many different type of interchangeable probes for inspections up to 30 meters.