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What are the main differences between the P1 videoscope and the RUGGED?

The P1 and Rugged videoscopes are the flagship products of the company. It is sometimes difficult to understand what differentiates them and which one is best for us.


P1 Videoscope - Features

The BIPOL Videoscope P1 is a high resolution lightweight portable video unit built to meet the needs of remote visual inspection of various applications. Its robust and waterproof construction (IP67) allows it to withstand accidental drops.


Its advantages:

  • The P1 videoscope has a large 7" color screen, ideal for a clear and precise vision of the observed area. In addition, the virtual keyboard enables text annotation which is an advantage if you need to take notes or edit reports.
  • The videoscope has a 4x digital zoom and a 360° image rotation function to control the inspected area in more detail.

  • The videoscope has an excellent grip, which can be used for both right-handed and left-handed users.


The P1 comes with a waterproof case and a wide choice of accessories: removable sunshield, a wireless handle compatible with all videoscope probes for remote work.

RUGGED Videoscope - Features

The BIPOL® RUGGED videoscope is a versatile portable video system with advanced features. Its robust and waterproof construction (IP67) allows it to withstand accidental drops. The RUGGED videoscope offers excellent image resolution thanks to its bright, high-resolution 3.5 " color screen, perfect for quality viewing. This videoscope can be held with 1 hand, which is suitable for all situations in which you need your second hand.

Its advantages:

  • The videoscope has a digital zoom adjustable from 2x to 8x and 180° image rotation function which is ideal to see all the details of the observed area.
  • A mirror display is available to offer you a different angle of view of the area, a considerable advantage to not miss out on small details.

  • The Rugged videoscope can be delivered in a suitcase. Two choices are offered to you: the Bscope suitcase reinforced to minimize the possible impacts and for maximum protection or the waterproof Rugged suitcase that protects the product from moisture, humidity, water and dust. The 2 suitcases have slots for video probes.

Common points…

  • For these two devices, a large number of interchangeable probes are available depending on the need.
  • Both videoscopes offer you the ability to record over 30,000 images or 500 hours of video on the 16GB SD card. Instantly view files with the intuitive preview menu.

  • Both devices have a 5-hour autonomy, ideal for long inspections.