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Contraband search Kit BP1

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Contraband search Kit BP1

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Versatile video inspection kit for security forces

The BIPOL P1 contraband search kit has been developed to answer the needs of today’s security forces in inspecting cars, trucks or cargos for hidden goods, weapons, drugs or persons. 
The set includes 3 video probes and different tools that will help the agent in his intervention and reduce inspection time while increasing seizure. 

The core piece of our system is our BIPOL Videoscope P1. It is  a high resolution lightweight and rugged portable video endoscope. Delivered in a waterproof case with all the elements of the kit,  it can be deployed in seconds to conduct an inspection.

Supplied probes can be easily swapped to proceed to different types of inspections.

Our kit can be adapted to any requirements due to the large number of probes available. We suggest our K9 contraband detection kit and our Non conductive SD fiberscope.

The Contraband search kit is ideal for

  • Customs & border patrols
  • United nations
  • SWAT teams
  • Tactical inspection
  • Narcotics Units 
  • Police & Gendarmerie
  • NATO
  • Military forces
  • Fire, Search & Rescue
Contraband search Kit BP1, un produit Premium par Bipol - Instruments et Outils de précision

Recover Hidden Money

Use the videoscope probe with the Window wedge to check the interior frame of car and truck door panels to recover hidden bank notes. Check the polstry of seats for suspicious packings.

Look for weapons

Using our Flexible probe with high resolution and the rigid guide, you can explore hard-to-reach areas in containers, cargos, floors to look for hidden weapons, merchandise... 
The pocket mirror allows to check fake ceilings, under carriage, trunks and so on.

Search for narcotics

​Our tool kit gives narcotics interdiction officers everything they need to inspect probe, open packages and other suspicious cargos without having to search for the right tool. Includes 2 sampling rigid probes, utility tools, flashlight and belt mounted nylon case 

Check cargos

The heavy duty rigid probe kit allows to check large cargos up to 1.5m. Recover samples for analysis. Use the Laser Rangefinder to locate smuggling in false walls and hidden compartments. 

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Technical Data

  • Videoscope


  • Screen Resolution

    800x480 px

  • Screen size

    7.0" (178mm)

  • Construction

    IP67 rated, water, dust & drop proof 2 meters

  • Wireless function

    2.4 GhZ - 30 meters

  • Interface

    4X digital zoom, image rotation 360°, text annotation

  • Battery runtime

    up to 5 hours

  • Connections

    Video out, mini USB, SD slot

  • Image & video recording

    SD card 32 GB

  • Dimensions P1

    230x160x60 mm

  • Weight P1

    1.3 kg (2.2 Lbs)

  • Warranty

    Limited 2 years

  • Articulating probe P1-2XF6-1-LF

    Ø 6.0 mm x 1 m - Fov 67°

  • Articulation P1-2XF6-1-LF

    4-way - 4x 150°

  • Resolution P1-2XF6-1-LF

    380.000 px

  • Focussing P1-2XF6-1-LF

    60mm to infinity

  • Semi rigid probe P1-F55-2-CF

    Ø 10.0 mm x 2 m - Fov 67°

  • Resolution P1-F55-2-CF

    720.000 px

  • Focussing P1-F55-2-CF

    70mm to infinity

  • Rigid Probe P1-R39-30

    Ø 3.9 mm x 302 mm - Fov 67°

  • Resolution P1-R39-30

    300.000 px

  • Focussing P1-R39-30


  • Common data

    to all video probes

  • Number of LEDs

    4 (white)

  • Protection rate

    IP67 - Water - Oils - Jet fuel

  • Operating temperatures

    -20°C to +70°C

What is included

  • 1x P1 videoscope set with accessories 
  • 1x Rigid guide 8mm x 430mm
  • 1x Personnal tool kit 
  • 1x Pocket mirror 
  • 1x Laser Rangerfinder
  • 1x Heavy duty probes 
  • 1x Articulating probe Ø 6.0mm x 1m - 4-way
  • 1x Rigid video probe Ø 3.9 mm x 302 mm 
  • 1x Semi rigide video probe Ø 10.0mm x 2m - 720.000 px
  • 1x Window wedge
  • 1x Waterproof carrying case with wheels & trolley

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