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Fiberscope LED Pro Flex

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Fiberscope LED Pro Flex |  Bipol - Instruments et Outils de précision
Proflex fiberscope - Fiberscope LED Pro Flex

Fiberscope LED Pro Flex

Ø 3.3mm.  Our Pro Flexible Borescopes incorporate a 18,000 fiber, acid-leached imaging bundle, delivering truly excellent image resolution, sharpness, detail, and contrast. Lower cost alternatives do not deliver image quality nearly this high. Pro Flexibles are offered in either 2-, or 4-way articulation! Control the direction-of-view (DOV) of the tip over a 300° range (± 150°) using a thumb lever on the aluminum borescope body. The lever can also be locked to hold a particular view.  The LED PRO Flexible sets a new standard of excellence in quality, at a very reasonable price due to newly advanced optical design and construction. Available in diameter Ø 3.3 mm.

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Technical data

  • Diameter


  • Working length

    850 mm

  • Articulation

    3.3mm - 2 x 130°

  • Depth of field

    12 - 50 mm

  • Field of view


  • Direction of vision

  • Sheathing

    Tungsten braid

  • Bending radius

    31.75 mm

  • Resolution

    18.000 pixels

  • Working temperatures

    -18°C to 77°C

  • Watertight

    Water - 1bar