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Ecofix Pro Ø 4.20 mm

Remote Visual Inspection < Rigid borescope < Ecofix Pro Ø 4.20 mm

Ecofix Pro Ø 4.20 mm |  Bipol - Instruments et Outils de précision
Video inspection on monitor with rigid endoscope - Ecofix Pro Ø 4.20 mm
Welding inspection
Image secondaire du produit Ecofix Pro Ø 4.20 mm | Welding inspection

Ecofix Pro Ø 4.20 mm

BIPOL ® ECOFIX PRO Rigid industrial endoscope Ø 4.20 mm Superior optical quality. Integrates a light concentrator for better illumination. They all accept 90° removable and rotative mirror tubes and stainless steel protection sleeves for shock protection. Our line of Ecofix Pro is available on stock. The exclusive lens system allows to offer very competitive repair costs. It gives excellent results in video endoscopy and is compatible with UV applications. They can be made to operate to temperatures up to 300°C

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Technical data

  • Diameter

    4.20 mm - .165"

  • Length

    180, 305, 435 & 560mm (7", 12", 17", 22" )

  •  Field-of-View


  • Direction-of-View

  • Relay Optics

    EndoGRINs® Glass Relay Lenses

  • Lightpost

    ACMI with light concentrator tm

  • Eyecup

    ISO 32mm with focusing ring

  • Tube

    304 Stainless Steel

  • All Machined Stainless Steel

    303 Stainless Steel

  • Eyecup and Focusing Ring

    Aluminum, black anodized 

  • Front Window

    AR coated optical Glass 

  • Illumination Fiber

    Optical Glass 

  • Temperature Range

    Official - 20º to 120º C.

What we deliver

  • 1 Ecofix Pro endoscope
  • 1 Bipol cleaning kit
  • 1 Protection carton box with foam
  • ​1 instruction manual

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