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TEW extendable endoscopes

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TEW extendable endoscopes |  Bipol - Instruments et Outils de précision

TEW extendable endoscopes

Ø 9 – 14 – 18 – 24 mm The borescopes have been laid out for inspecting long components and work devices or bridging major distances. Typical applications are pressure tanks, pipes, steam boilers, large-size diesel engines or helicopter rotor blades. Borescopes of this type can be extended by means of extension tubes (Ø 24mm) up to a length of 25.000mm. High-performance halogen lamps of a compact design (low voltage) integrated in the replaceable objective lens head provide for optimum brightness throughout the inspection area. All TEW modular endoscopes are made of stainless steel. They resist to a temperature of 120°. From model TEW-14, they can be delivered in a waterproof configuration or pressure resistant.

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