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Tactical Under door torch SPE

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Tactical Under door torch SPE |  Bipol - Instruments et Outils de précision
Under door UDC Torch - Tactical Under door torch SPE

Tactical Under door torch SPE

The SPE TORCH is an Infrared, hand held illuminator for under door use. Running from just 3 pcs rechargeable batteries and with no cables or heavy external battery packs. The slim 4mm specially designed plate is inserted under a door. The light output angles at ~45° into the space beyond the door for more complete covering. Aside from association with under door cameras, the SPE TORCH is also effective for random checks of rooms that already have covert B&W cameras installed but which do not have infrared for viewing in pitch black. The SPE TORCH is constructed from solid machined aluminium.

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Technical data

  • Dimensions

    Dia.38 x 300 mm

  • Thickness


  • Weight

    0.45 kg

  • Power

    3 pieces 18650 Li-Ion batteries

  • Illumination IR

    940 nm

  • Construction

    Aluminium CNC

  • Working temperatures

    -10°C (14F°) to 50°C (122F°)

What we deliver

  • 1 SPE illumination torch
  • 3pcs 18650 batteries
  • 1 carrying case

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