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Tactical under door camera UDC-M

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Tactical under door camera UDC-M |  Bipol - Instruments et Outils de précision
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Tactical under door camera UDC-M

The UDC-M camera is an under-door camera suitable for use in total darkness. A black and white camera is built into a 6mm insertion plate with 28 LEDs powered by an internal battery. The LEDs are 940nm wavelength and completely invisible to the human eye. The camera has a wide wide-angle lens which results in superb room coverage. Unlike other under door cameras/viewers the BIPOL UDC-M is USB, this means that it can be used on a tablet. The BIPOL UDC-M is sold with the Conker NS8 rugged Windows 10 tablet. The camera utilises ‘AMcapAMcap’ universal viewing software for Windows. The BIPOL UDC-M is the obvious choice for a cost effective point and discrete under door viewing solution. In addition, we suggest one of our IR under door illuminators for even brighter images.

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Technical data

  • Thickness (plate)

    6 mm

  • Direction of vision

  • Field of view


  • Sensitivity

    0.005 Lux

  • Focusing range

    250mm to infinity

  • Resolution


  • Frame rate

    30 fpm

  • Connection

    USB interface (Tablet)

  • CCD sensor

    1/10'' CMOS monochrome sensor

  • Power

    12VDC NMH 700mAhr

  • Runtime

    2 hours at full charge

  • Dimensions


  • Weight


What we deliver

  • 1 camera UDC-M
  • 1 waterproof carrying case
  • 1 tablet 8"
  • 1 power supply
  • 1 instruction manual

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