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Infrared pole camera IR-PRO (M)

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contraband search pole camera - Infrared pole camera IR-PRO (M)
Screen for infrared pole camera - Infrared pole camera IR-PRO (M)

Infrared pole camera IR-PRO (M)

Infrared - expandable 4 meters The Camtel IR-PRO Pole Camera provides a quick and safe way for inspection and surveying. A lightweight battery operated telescopic camera system, allowing you to look in difficult-to-reach areas above and below underground, such as gutters, sewers, attics and suspended ceilings. It can also be used with the optional wheel which allows for under vehicle inspections. The camera has built in IR LED’s to allow working in complete darkness, as well as an extendable reach from 1.6metres to over 5meters. The camera comes with a 5” LCD monitor with sunshield. An integrated rechargeable battery allows up to 3 hours of continous working. The Tactical version allows inspection in dark up to 10 meters...

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Technical data

  • CCD Sensor

    Infra red Sony super HAD CCD 1/3'' color

  • Lighting

    14x 850nm IR infra red LED's

  • Resolution

    420 LTV

  • Sensitivity

    0.01 lux

  • Inspection distance

    up to 10 meters

  • IP Rate

    IP 67

  • Lens

    3.6mm, Field 43°

  • Iris

    Electronic with light compensator

  • Screen size

    5.0" LCD Color

  • Recording

    Video AVI on Micro SD Card

  • Battery

    Rechargeable (3 hours charge time). 3 Hours runtime

  • Extension

    1.6 to 4 meters

  • Weight

    4 kg

  • Case dimensions

    50x40x30 cm

  • Working temperatures

    -10°C to 50°C

  • Warranty

    1 year

What we deliver

  • 1 Camtel IR PRO
  • 1 monitor with recording function
  • 1 power supply 110/220 Va
  • 1 spare battery
  • 1 carrying case
  • 1 BIPOL cleaning kit
  • 1 instruction manual
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